Announcing SwiftWorks – The only tool you need to grow your grease business

We’ve got a new name and set of new features designed to help you grow your grease business without sacrificing time in the field.

When we launched the first version of the SwiftWorks app (SwiftQuote), our goal was simple. Make it easy for busy grease haulers to establish an online presence and send online quotes to local businesses.

As we began to work with more haulers, we saw how difficult it was to manage the other aspects of their business. Many were using outdated paper-based methods or utilizing tools not built with haulers’ specific needs in mind.

We saw an opportunity to create a powerful yet simple-to-use app that would deliver end-to-end customer management.

Over the last 18 months, my team and I have worked closely with our customers to deliver just that.

Today I am delighted to announce the launch of SwiftWorks. We’re incredibly excited about the positive impact this can have on your business, and we’re sure you will be too.

All of your business tools under one roof 

Many of the haulers we work with were facing a similar set of problems. As more customers started to request quotes online, they struggled to keep up with competitors with an online presence. 

Even haulage companies that continued to grow their customer base struggled with the increased administrative burden. As compliance tasks and customer updates started to slip through the cracks, customer happiness fell. 

Many made the right move and looked to the latest tools to help them overcome their administrative hell. This often caused more headaches as they were forced to use multiple tools, which caused more harm than good. 

If any of this rings a bell, not to worry. We created SwiftWorks to solve these exact problems. Our features are designed for grease haulers, ensuring you can manage your critical business tasks with one tool in just a couple of minutes a day.

Win more customers without sacrificing time in the field

We built our first version of SwiftWorks around our lead generation feature. Having worked with over 100,00 food businesses through our mother brand, SwiftComply, we saw how difficult it was for businesses to find and book small haulage companies online.

We set about changing that by creating a marketplace that bridged the digital gap. The SwiftQuote marketplace is still a core aspect of the new SwiftWorks app. It is fully integrated with our new customer management and compliance features.

Within the marketplace, you can browse quote requests in your area and send quotes to local businesses in minutes – from any device. Haulers on our marketplace also get an online profile that customers can use to find your business and request a service.

Manage your leads, customer, and service information from your SwiftWorks Dashboard

Your customer dashboard makes it easy to provide your customers with a first-class service experience every time. The feature is flexible and easy to use regardless of your technological expertise.

You can access critical service information from the field and record customer notes for future reference.

You can also review your crucial business metrics for the past year, month, and the upcoming month within your dashboard. This includes new & scheduled orders, outstanding payments, and estimated revenue.

Upload customer service manifests from the field or office

We will also be releasing our compliance reporting feature in June. With the SwiftWorks compliance feature, you can upload the service manifest from the field in minutes.

You can also upload records in bulk if you prefer to set time aside to complete your administrative tasks in one go.

Oftentimes business owners change haulers due to the frustration of being marked as non-compliant due to missing or incorrect service manifests.

Our goal is to ensure none of your compliance requirements fall through the cracks.

That’s all for now. Over the next few months, we will have more updates on what we have planned, so keep an eye out.