Keep your compliance tasks from slipping

SwiftWorks’ free supplier portal allows you to quickly upload service manifests to your regulator. 

We simplify compliance for busy grease haulers

We work with local regulators to simplify your compliance requirements. 


Upload service manifests to your regulator from the field

Upload service manifests from the field to make sure local regulators mark your customers as compliant.

Stay on top of your customer's compliance status

Review your customer’s compliance status and ensure they are up to date. 

Take back time to focus on what you do best

Whether you’re a one-person team or part of a large hauler business, SwiftWorks simplifies your admin, lead generation, and customer management.

Lead Generation →

Access a steady stream of local leads.

Customer Management →

Track your prospects, customers, and service information.

Upload manifests from the field after every service

Ensure your customers are marked as compliant by uploading your service manifest straight after each service.