Customer management software that is quick to set up, and easy to use

Manage your prospects, customers and service information from one location.

Deliver a first-class customer experience every time

Providing an industry-leading customer experience doesn’t need to be difficult or time-consuming. With SwiftWorks, you can set yourself apart from the competition without the extra admin.

Manage your leads, customers, and service information from one location

Manage all of your customer information from one location. Record customer notes for easy reference and automatically send service update notifications. 

Access key customer information from the field

Use your phone to review work history and customer information before each service. 

Get a 360 view of your business at a glance

Get a birds-eye view of your operations with your business dashboard, including upcoming orders, outstanding payments, and estimated revenue.

The only tool you need to grow your grease business

Whether you’re a one-person team or part of a large hauling business, SwiftWorks simplifies your admin, lead generation, and customer management.

Lead Generation →

Access a steady stream of local leads.

Compliance Reporting →

Bulk upload manifests and track customer compliance

Getting started with a CRM

New to CRM software? See how easy it is to take your customer relationships to the next level.

Your customer and service information is always just a click away

Give your team access to key customer information from the field.